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Conventional wisdom holds that the political party in the White House tends to lose seats in mid-term elections. Yet, 1994 turned into a proverbial bloodbath for Democrats.

I’m no mind reader. So it’s hard to tell whether a recent attack on proposed N.C. tax cuts represents a case of willful ignorance or deliberate misdirection.

Thursday, 29 July 2021 13:08

OPINION: Notes from Scandinavia

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I’m back from Sweden. It was a great trip. I learned quite a bit and look forward to going back to learn more. 

“Wherever books are burned,” wrote the German journalist and poet Heinrich Heine, “men in the end will also burn.”

As P.T. Barnum is so famously credited with observing a century and half ago, Americans can be a surprisingly credulous people. Whether it’s a circus sideshow curiosity, a new cure-all elixir or a supposedly surefire “get rich” scheme, ours is a nation of hopeful people who like to believe in and celebrate the claims of convincing and seemingly successful salespeople, while averting our eyes from their transgressions and excesses.

In a rare moment of moral clarity, U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) points out that "America's daughters shouldn't be drafted against their will."

Monday, 26 July 2021 11:34

OPINION: Fewer students major in humanities

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Most students attend colleges or universities primarily to acquire the knowledge, skills, and credentials required to get a rewarding job.

When legislators have a vested interest in the outcome, no institution is safe from their meddling — not even a group as far removed from politics as the state’s sanctioning body for high school sports.

To the editor:

Trust in facts is a cornerstone of American democracy. Disinformation and distrust of the media have been major contributors to our socially, politically and economically polarized society.

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