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The Kentucky legislature solved the state’s spiritual problems earlier this year. With Gov. Matt Bevin’s signature inked on a bill passed during the 2019 legislative session, we now have a Christian Commonwealth!

The new law requires Kentucky public schools to prominently display the U.S. national motto, "In God We Trust." (South Dakota passed a similar law.)

Too bad we don’t.

Trust in God, that is.


The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer is responsible for providing health care coverage to more than 720,000 teachers, active and retired state employees and their dependents through the State Health Plan. In the Richmond Observer’s coverage area there are nearly 108,000 members on the Plan.

Monday, 29 July 2019 13:22

COLUMN: State censorship poses biggest risk

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 To the extent Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and other online companies engage in viewpoint discrimination against conservatives and Republicans, they deserve condemnation and ridicule. But do they also merit oversight by lawmakers or regulators?

I would like to state, before this column starts, that I love writing the column. It's been a pleasure for the last few years to bring to you a little insight, a little opinion and a lot of words. 

I would like to thank those of you who are entertained, both of you, and all those who read each week. I have written about what an effort it is to put out a weekly column each week that is not only easy to read, but is well thought out and of the best quality I can muster. This alone is an achievement. It is not about preparation or research. It's not about struggling with a topic. The difficulty comes from something much more serious. 

Monday, 22 July 2019 14:12

COLUMN: Official data understate growth rate

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When it comes to public affairs, bad news is good and good news is bad. That is, political speeches and media pieces that describe a problem as big and getting worse tend to attract more attention, so more are produced. That, in turns, fuels more public disaffection. It’s a vicious cycle.

Friday, 19 July 2019 14:30

COLUMN: The old acting young isn't an act

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My wife and I just got back from the supermarket a little while ago and for most of the way home, we could not stop talking about a woman we met at the bakery counter. 

She was an elderly woman with probably a little too much makeup, colored hair and enormous glasses. She was decked out with a lot of jewelry and wore high heel shoes. She was brassy and bold and definitely was from somewhere well north of here. 

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing my comments on the recent dog hunting situation where many of our friends and neighbors were charged with various violations after a multi-year long undercover sting operation by N.C. game wardens. I was pleasantly surprised at the conversations that ensued.

Monday, 15 July 2019 12:43

COLUMN: Cooper's Medicaid demand won't work

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Gov. Roy Cooper says he won’t sign a new state budget unless the North Carolina General Assembly says yes to Medicaid expansion. The Republican-majority legislature has said no to Medicaid expansion. So far, now weeks into the new fiscal year, neither side has budged.

In 2008, billionaire asset manager Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers negotiated a very favorable plea bargain in Florida, under which he served a mere 13 months in jail — in his own private wing, with 12 hours of daily "work release" — on a single charge of soliciting prostitution from a minor (the FBI had identified 40 alleged victims of sexual predation on his part).

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