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ROCKINGHAM - As part of the ongoing mission of the Richmond Observer to provide expansive coverage of political developments, we offer the following news release from congressional candidate Mark Harris:

Our campaign received the endorsement from the National Right to Life. Please see their letter below.

ROCKINGHAM - As part of the ongoing mission of the Richmond Observer to provide expansive coverage of political developments, we offer the following report recently released by the NC Democratic Party:


House Republicans voted to put a deceptive constitutional amendment on the ballot to turn the State Board of Elections and Ethics into a 4-4 body with members handpicked by the legislature.
This new body is designed to fail. By shifting it from an odd number of members to even, it’s destined for perpetual gridlock. Republican leader David Lewis even stated that it’s designed like the Federal Elections Commission, a notoriously ineffective body. Here’s a former chairperson of the FEC:

Raleigh, N.C. – Since assuming power in 2011, the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly reversed years of teacher pay stagnation caused by massive budget deficits and unmanageable spending. Republicans acted quickly to put teacher pay on a sustainable path while still delivering crucial raises.

RALEIGH: The North Carolina Democratic Party reports the following in relation to the calling of the North Carolina General Assembly back into a special session:  

Aaaaand we’re back, folks. Republicans have returned for yet another impromptu session, this time to take a second shot at writing deceptive ballot language for their constitutional amendments that steamroll our state’s separation of powers.

CHAPEL HILL - This missive was received from Joey Davis, Republican candidate for the NC House of Representatives (District 66):

I am deeply saddened by last night's events in Chapel Hill.

RALEIGH - In a united show of opposition against the Republican legislature’s deceptive tactics and power grabs, all five of North Carolina’s living former governors – Democrat and Republican -  spoke out against two of the GOP’s proposed amendments this week. These attacks on our state’s separation of powers go beyond partisanship – as GOP Gov. Martin said, this is about power politics and the voters must reject them this November. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 05:01

Wounded Warrior Supports Mark Harris

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CHARLOTTE - Press release from Congressional candidate Mark Harris:


I am deeply humbled to have the support of a true American hero.

Just last week, Michael Verardo had his 119th surgery after losing his leg fighting for our country in Afghanistan.

Before heading to Walter Reed, he offered to record a video to let people know he stands with me in this race. 

While I am beyond grateful to have patriots like Michael Verardo stand with me, I look forward to the day when I stand up for them in Congress to ensure we take care of our veterans when they return home! 

- Mark Harris

Michael Verardo

Raleigh – Another week, another backwards looking sermon from Mark Harris that continues to drag down his struggling campaign. Previously it was questioning whether women should have careers, then it was “fondly remember[ing] when being gay was illegal,” now it’s women submitting to their husbands.

The danger of Harris’ out of this century views for North Carolinians are clear; for his campaign, it means one more week where he’s explaining his past statements instead of sharing a vision for how we connect workers with better paying jobs. At the rate Mark Harris is going, tune in soon for another update.

CHARLOTTE - 9th District congressional candidate Mark Harris welcomed House Majority Whip Steve Scalise to Charlotte for a fundraiser hosted by Lending Tree CEO, Doug Lebda.

Scalise told the crowd at the event, “We need people like Mark Harris in Washington. Mark will help us pass much needed healthcare reform and continue to strengthen our military. I support him 100%.”

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