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Actions speak much louder than words. This is common sense. Yet it seems to have been lost on some of the Americans responsible for foreign diplomacy over the past few decades.

As the battles for Congress heat up, supporters of candidate Dr. Mark Harris (R-9th District) submitted the following letter:

As 2017 is in the books, Representative Robert Pittenger reflects back over the year on his accomplishments in office. Below is his weekly column:

The following is an opinion submission compiled by local Pastor James Brigman and Alexei Laushkin of Herndon, Va.

By the time you’re reading this, I hope you’ve picked your turkey, prepared your stuffing and mash potatoes and removed your Pecan pie from the oven.

For decades, American taxpayers have unknowingly provided tax breaks that help lower the cost of building new abortion clinics.

America’s immigration system has never been so broken.

Today, over 11 million illegal immigrants live in the United States.  Our porous border allows illegal gangs and drugs to enter our country, and also creates a serious national security problem.  America is a nation of laws, but our laws are too often ignored in the name of political correctness.  Our outdated immigration system hurts American workers.

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