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May 1 is gone, but certainly not forgotten. Now is the time for reaction, reflection, and even criticism — by all interested parties. 

Monday, 06 May 2019 10:31

COLUMN: Governor likely to veto budget

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Although the North Carolina House has approved its version of a biennial budget, there’s a lot that North Carolinians can’t yet know about how much will be spent, and on what, over the next two years. But here’s something we can assume with near-certainty: Gov. Roy Cooper will veto it.

If you have been outside lately, it should come as no surprise that we are on the cusp of summer. 

On April 1, The Supreme Court of the United States ruled against death-row inmate Russell Bucklew's appeal of his execution method. Nixing his claim that a rare medical condition would make the execution unconstitutionally "cruel and unusual" by virtue of being excruciatingly painful, the Court (in an opinion written by Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch) held that the Eighth Amendment "does not guarantee a prisoner a painless death."

Last weekend, Dr. Michael Bitzer wrote about the changing demographics in our campaigns and how they might affect the future of elections in North Carolina. Specifically, younger voters are showing up at much higher rates than they have in the past.

Monday, 29 April 2019 12:30

COLUMN: Bail isn't supposed to punish

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If you are convicted of a crime, the government can punish you. If you are arrested but never convicted, the government can’t punish you.

Their views on government’s role in society may be polar opposites, but libertarian elder statesman Ron Paul and progressive populist Bernie Sanders agree on one thing — the U.S. needs to wash its hands of Yemen’s bloody civil war.

If you ask a few people I know, they will clearly state I am a journalist. I don't think of myself as one, really. If people ask me what I do for a newspaper I usually tell them I write the occasional goofy thing that fills up the (no pun intended) dead space on the obituary page. 

A bill recently introduced in the North Carolina legislature would allow judges to use discretion when sentencing defendants facing drug charges.

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