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When no crime’s been committed, there’s nothing to probe and no one to punish. So why are two North Carolina colleges wasting their time investigating protected speech?

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, adding his voice to calls to "break up" the social media giant, calls it a "powerful monopoly, eclipsing all of its rivals and erasing competition." In recent years, we've seen similar claims, and heard demands for similar remedies, aimed at Google, Amazon, and other large companies.

Monday, 13 May 2019 13:20

COLUMN: N.C. ranks high in college funding

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North Carolina appropriates less taxpayer money to state colleges and universities in real terms than it did before the onset of the Great Recession. Tuition has risen markedly and now accounts for a larger share of total revenue. But our state remains one of the most generous in the country when it comes to funding higher education.

Spurred by a public health scare, Congress is considering a big-government power grab to save young adults from themselves. 

Most of the time, this column is pretty lighthearted and fun. Rarely do I take a step toward hard journalism or topics of controversy. That's not to say there aren't topics that catch my interest and stir within me a desire to write about them. 

To the editor:

This is in response to Mr. Maples' defense and interpretation of the recent hunters being charged with various and numerous charges. 

To the editor:

I would first like to say I have the greatest respect for members of law enforcement and the military. I pray every day for their safety and success. I understand our system of government in the U.S. and N.C. and appreciate everyone involved. From the law makers to the individuals who devote their lives to enforcing those laws. Like many of you, there may be a few laws I disagree with, but like all of you, I am honor bound to follow them.

To the editor:

May 1 is gone, but certainly not forgotten. Now is the time for reaction, reflection, and even criticism — by all interested parties. 

Monday, 06 May 2019 10:31

COLUMN: Governor likely to veto budget

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Although the North Carolina House has approved its version of a biennial budget, there’s a lot that North Carolinians can’t yet know about how much will be spent, and on what, over the next two years. But here’s something we can assume with near-certainty: Gov. Roy Cooper will veto it.

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