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"Congressional Democrats and Republicans," reports ProPublica, "are moving to permanently bar the IRS from creating a free electronic tax filing system."

Monday, 08 April 2019 11:12

COLUMN: Coerced funding bad for politics

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After Durham businessman Greg Lindberg, state Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes, and two of Lindberg’s business associates were indicted in an alleged bribery scheme, advocates of government-funded campaigns scurried to restate their argument. But the latest incident doesn’t make it any more persuasive.

I don’t know what it is about restaurants that makes them difficult for some people. The concept is as old as time itself. You choose food from a list of available foods. The food is prepared for you. The food is delivered to you where you are sitting. You pay for said food. You eat the food.

In a standoff pitting patients and taxpayers against the powerful state hospital lobby, a majority of your representatives in the N.C. House voted against your interests this week. 

Christians on the left side of the political spectrum pull a clever bait-and-switch to support their calls for socialist government policies.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo "insisted Monday (April 1) that New York will pass a law to legalize recreational pot before the Legislature adjourns in June," The New York Post reports. He's been promising legalization for some time. Many New Yorkers had hoped the measure would be included in this year's state budget.

North Carolina has a long history of revolving U.S. Senate seats.

As the bill sponsor of the Hands-Free North Carolina Act, I wanted to take a moment to clear up a few things so both constituents and fellow lawmakers know what this proposed bill really does — and what it doesn’t do.

Monday, 01 April 2019 11:29

COLUMN: Education needs choice and competition

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As a policy analyst and opinion journalist, I have spent much of my career advocating the expansion of choice and competition in education. I purposefully use both of those terms, because I think that families making choices and schools competing for students are distinct but mutually reinforcing mechanisms for improving educational outcomes.

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