Friday, 30 April 2021 12:07

LETTER: Littering fines should increase, but we should all do our part

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To the editor:

North Carolina used minimum-custody inmates to clean up litter for years. Minimum custody inmates do not have to be "under the gun," and one officer watching eight-10 inmates could pick up more trash. I know that from first-hand experience.

This has and will be a major problem until fines and/or punishment is made severe enough to cause people to stop and think before they toss trash out of the vehicles.

One way people can really help is to carry a litter bag in their vehicle. Simple, but effective.

Also, we were taught in school and by our parents that it is not a good thing to do.

There used to be adopted stretches of roadsides that church groups, businesses, families, and other groups use to clean up every three-four months a year.

I have seen people attend "Take Back the Streets," or "Take Back the Night" from criminals and trouble makers. Why not groups dedicated to taking pride in the roadsides?

One group from East Rockingham, called Place of Grace, is doing just that.

Let's face it, not everyone litters. Some people will continue to litter until stiffer fines and punishments are given out.

Something as simple as picking up a 100 yards in either or both directions in front of your property is a great start. One thing I do know, complaining about the litter problem in this area ain't going to do a blasted thing. If everyone would make it a point to clean up a couple of hundred yards of roadside every week, it would go a long way to bring an end to litter.

Actions do speak louder than just words. Get with family, friends, or groups to get started.

Who knows, maybe by working on this problem together,we can make a difference.

Just a concerned citizen with a few suggestions. God bless you all.

Ronald Brigman