Tuesday, 26 November 2019 14:59

LETTER: Tillis does not represent me

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To the editor:

I recently wrote my representatives urging them to vote for the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump. Sen. Thom Tillis replied to my letter. His response was very disturbing. 

This is just an excerpt, but Sen. Tillis' response states this point in several ways throughout the letter:

"I am convinced that this rush to impeachment was unfounded, and yet another attempt by Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Adam Schiff to play partisan politics at the expense of the American people."

It should be disturbing to all of us that he can't even trust the judgements of his fellow representatives in Washington. If this is how he views his fellow representatives, how you can you possibly think he's a good fit for Washington?

But what is more disturbing about this response is that it doesn't address the opinions of concerned citizens like myself who find President Trump's actions in regards to the Ukraine phone call deeply troubling and worthy of removal. Instead, Tillis presents the idea of impeachment and removal as a political hack to oust the president simply because the Democrats want him out. In other words, there is no way to legitimately hold the view for the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump; to Tillis, it's all political maneuvering. Thom Tillis doesn't entertain the notion whatsoever that removal might be a valid position. He discards out of hand this possibility with the utmost expediency.

Firstly, he doesn't trust his fellow representatives to make sincere judgments. But, secondly and more importantly, he doesn't trust the citizens of the United States to draw the same conclusions.

Let me make something wholly clear, I will never vote for Thom Tillis for any political position whatsoever. He has lost any modicum of decency in taking a position like this. Thom Tillis is not our representative; he is the Republicans’ representative. He does not represent me.

-Alex Auman