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Nearly six decades ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for a better world, imploring us to judge others by “the content of their character.” He offered a vision of an America that united people across racial, political, and economic lines — a vision that we can all believe in.

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One of the great legacies of North Carolina history and our nation was the explosion of the American civil rights movement. As a leader in that movement, Martin Luther King Jr. continually appealed to our strengths as a nation: The American founding, the rule of law, and the Christian tradition. Ultimately, his words — often meant for white audiences —united much of the nation under a banner of equality. Unfortunately, neglecting the teaching of American history and a more secularized culture is giving rise to critical race theory, a belief that everything can be explained by racism while portraying whites as inherently oppressive.

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ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Foundation Committee has four days of events scheduled this year to honor the fallen civil rights hero using the theme “Unity: Yes We Can!”

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