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Friday, 12 February 2021 10:58

N.C. Democrats push to raise minimum wage

RALEIGH — Following President Biden’s proposal to increase the minimum wage nationally to $15 an hour, a handful of Democrats in the N.C. legislature have introduced a bill that would set that same earnings benchmark for noncertified public school employees.

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Talk of hiking the minimum wage at the national level has ramped up in recent weeks. With the Democrats controlling the House and the Senate, and Joe Biden in the White House, it seems increasingly likely that we’ll soon see a federal $15 per hour minimum.

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RALEIGH — Reopening the economy during COVID-19 is a hotly contested issue in the race for N.C. Commissioner of Labor.

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RALEIGH — Once again teachers will descend on the state capital to call for more public school funding, Medicaid expansion, and a $15 minimum wage for all school workers.

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