Letter to the Editor Contributor

Letter to the Editor Contributor

To the editor:

International Tie Disposal has been the subject of conversation within the Richmond County Community for the past month. ITD has interest in Richmond County solely based on a business transaction with CSX Transportation, whose railyard has called Richmond County home for more than a century. 

To the editor:

We are stuck in a strange political moment. This strange moment may turn into a dangerous moment.

What am I referring to? Our immense political division.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 12:08

LETTER: Rename the R.W. Goodman Bridge

To the editor:

R.W. Goodman (1915-2007) was the longtime sheriff and strongman of Richmond County, a rural county of about 45,000, 65 miles from Fort Bragg. Richmond County is famous for its racetracks and high school football teams. The R.W. Goodman Bridge is a section of U.S. 74 which crosses the Pee Dee River from Richmond County to Anson County.

Sunday, 07 June 2020 20:19

MAPLES: #BetterTogether

To the editor:

In the aftermath of the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, along with many others, we continue to be reminded of the racial disparities, systems of oppression and systemic racism that plague many people of color, especially African Americans.

One of the core beliefs of our school system states #BetterTogether. RCS truly believes that we are better when we work together as one to provide an education and bright future for all our students. The Richmond County Schools Board of Education, superintendent and staff understand and value a diverse school community that is inclusive, supportive, and inviting to all. I want to thank our amazing administrators, teachers, support staff and coaches who work tirelessly in developing positive relationships with our students. Continue to be the light!

As a public school system and community, we must continue to work together in dismantling racism and social injustice. In this moment, we recommit ourselves to supporting our students and staff who are subjected to racial inequality and the fight against racial injustice. We will continue to work tirelessly with our community to ensure that African American students along with all other students, regardless of race, religion, gender or ability, be provided a high quality education that promotes fairness and opportunity.

As our board policy states, Richmond County Schools does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or bullying in any of our activities. We are committed to the dignity and worth of all students and employees and strive to create a safe, orderly, caring, and inviting school environment to facilitate student learning and achievement.

The goal of inspiring excellence in all our students can only be accomplished by removing the barriers created by our society that impede a student’s ability or opportunity to learn and be successful. We ask you to join us in the stand against racial injustice and know that we will do this together, because we are truly #BetterTogether.

Jeffrey B. Maples, Ed.D.
Richmond County Schools Superintendent

To the editor:

This letter is intended for my family members who support Donald Trump, but this could just as easily apply to most Trump supporters.

Dear Richmond County Citizens, 

On April 6, Richmond County joined over 50 other North Carolina counties and most states across the United States by approving by unanimous vote by the Board of Commissioners the ad valorem method of distribution of sales tax revenue. 

To the editor:

I am Steve Morris and I proudly serve as mayor of Rockingham. I have been asked by numerous citizens of Richmond County for an explanation of the funding for the Richmond County Emergency Center or the 911 Center. 

To the editor:

I am extremely proud of how hard our staff has worked over the past two months to begin treating and preparing for an expected surge of COVID patients. Our preparation started by stopping all but critical services to focus on this as well as minimize the spread of the virus. This reduction of services has resulted in many patients postponing needed care for serious health conditions.

To the editor:

Did I already have my last day of high school and not know it? Did I sit beside the people I grew up with for the very last time and not know it? Did I play my last game with my best friends that turned into sisters and not know it? Did I eat lunch with my school family for the last time and not know it? Did I take for granted all the times I may never get back?

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 16:09

MORRIS: Update on COVID-19

I would like to say hello to the people of Rockingham and Richmond County and give you my wishes for a healthy day for you and your family. I am Steve Morris and I am very proud to serve as Mayor of Rockingham. Today is Tuesday, March 31. I would like to give you a Richmond County update on the current Coronavirus that is the No. 1 topic in the world. 

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