Letter to the Editor Contributor

Letter to the Editor Contributor

RICHMOND COUNTY - The Richmond Observer received the following "Letter to the Editor" in conjunction with the upcoming election and the endorsement of a particular candidate:

ROCKINGHAM – Dr. Rick Watkins, a longtime educator and current assistant professor in the Graduate School of Education at Wingate University, filed papers with the Board of Elections on Wednesday to run for the Richmond County Board of Commissioners.

Monday, 26 February 2018 13:26

Harris' Camp Challenges Pittenger Reports


February 23rd, 2018


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Pittenger Ad Challenged by Harris in Congressional Race
Supporters of Mark Harris are challenging aspects of a recent television ad by Robert Pittenger.  In a press release, Harris' camp contends that an independent "fact checker," Mark Garrison of WBT Radio in Charlotte, found flaws in the statements.
The news release reads as follows:
WBT Fact Checks Pittenger’s New TV Ad. See What They Found!

Charlotte, NC - Last Week WBT Radio’s Mark Garrison fact checked Robert Pittenger’s new ad and guess what he found?  It’s NOT True!  Please take a listen to Mark Garrison’s special fact-checking report on the ad, forward this email to your friends, and share on Facebook:


Here are some excerpts from Mark Garrison’s report:

“Well Robert Pittenger may have approved the ad but it’s not clear he did any fact checking on it.”

“Clearly don’t take everything literally you see in a Pittenger ad.”

They acknowledged they made up a headline:

“Last week we were talking about the Russians putting out false ads in political campaigns. Truthfully, US politicians are doing the same thing.”

“When we fact-checked Pittenger’s against Mark Harris In Pittenger’s latest commercial they did not stack up.”
It should be noted that the views expressed in this press release are solely those of the "Mark Harris for Congress" campaign and should not be construed to reflect any political affiliation of or by the Richmond Observer publication.
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