Ray Nothstine

Ray Nothstine

You’ve likely seen talking heads or social media mavens blasting opposition to critical race theory by linking it to a refusal to teach American history. More specifically, the accusation often states that conservatives merely want to do away with teaching the history of the American civil rights movement or other black experiences in the past, such as slavery. It’s one of the most dishonest pivots in the public square today, particularly given that the American civil rights movement shares many qualities with conservatism.

A new year often brings a desire for change. For all the failed resolutions, somebody out there, many even, will alter their lives for the better. We are constantly changing as a society. Fashion, music, cost of living, it’s all changing. How many people born just a half-century ago could have foreseen today’s technological advances?

Friday, 17 December 2021 10:57

OPINION: Christmas can never be canceled

As political strife intensifies and people are increasingly canceled for their opinions, the reality of Christmas should ground us in deeper truths.

Most of us wish we had more money and capital, but sometimes we forget about those hanging on at the margins. If those struggling are invisible to us, that often says more about our deficiencies than their own. In a recent conversation, I am reminded that there are those, particularly in rural areas, who were missing doctor and physical therapy appointments because of high gas prices. The conversation recalls, and not in a good way, the tone-deaf belly laugh emanating from U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm when asked on Bloomberg Politics about her plan for rising gas prices.   

Most lawmakers in Washington no longer even pretend to care about federal spending and our debt crisis. The spending binge these days not only signals a collapse of serious statesmanship but highlights our broken federal government. Six major candidates are vying to be the next U.S. senator in North Carolina, and any unwillingness to tackle the obscene spending should be an automatic disqualifier by voters.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has quickly morphed into a defining cultural moment. The opposing sides are cheered on by cable talking heads, legal experts, political ideologues, and even the U.S. president. In a potential return to the mob rule that kicked off the shooting saga, some are threatening more violence if they don’t receive the verdict they desire. Even the judge and his family are facing violent threats to their lives. Many see the trial as a broader threat to self-defense laws, and they may have a point in an era where everything is now politicized.

Frank Buckles, who passed away in 2011, was the last surviving American veteran of World War I. An ambulance driver on the Western front, Buckles lied about his age and enlisted at 16. His parents were born before the Civil War, and his mom delivered her last child, Frank, in her 40s.

In 1992, Bill Clinton famously rejuvenated the Democrat Party by moving to the political center at the national level. Tuesday’s election reveals the consequences of running away from mainstream American values. Democrats are not only hemorrhaging support because of bad economic policy but took it on the chin over support for critical race theory and attempting to paint opponents of their agenda as white supremacists.

Friday, 22 October 2021 10:58

OPINION: The Biden angst

When a major media source tells you to lower expectations, one can easily surmise that interference is being run for President Biden. Please ignore all those political promises like reducing the cost of prescription drugs by 60% or an even more utopian pledge to “unify the country.” Clearly, campaign season is over. It’s time to settle in for some 1970s style malaise — only don’t complain so much this time.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson saying controversial things could be a reality show. There’s easily enough content for multiple seasons. After all, his ascendency in North Carolina politics emerged from his confrontational speaking style. His mouth is what makes him so popular and disliked at the same time. Robinson even dares to weigh in on specific social issues where only one opinion is allowed now in the public square.

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