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LETTER: Don’t forget to thank a lineman

Richard "Ozzy" Graham - Graham Kracker Aerial Photography

To the editor:

Cut-outs, single-phase, tri-phase, jibs and transformers. If you recognize these terms, then you may be a lineman. And if you don’t know these terms, thank a lineman. 

These men and women work tirelessly to correct your electrical issues when storms hit and or a car accident knocks out your power. But yet they still get criticized and bad-mouthed because they “don’t work fast enough.”  

What would you do if it were you? How would you react to the language being used? What would you want these linemen to say to you? 

If you could remember this one fact: they are out here for you! 

While you’re at home complaining about not being able to watch Netflix or YouTube, remember they are in the elements. Sure, they would love to sit at home and watch their kids and be with their wives and/or husbands, but there they are, out there for you. 

The least you could do is have patience. We all know it’s the holidays and no one wants to hear the kids and teenagers complain about the wifi and no Xbox or PS4. 


Have a great week people and Happy New Year.


Richard “Ozzy” Graham 

Graham Kracker Aerial Photography


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