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LETTER: Health Department warns against non-permitted food servers

To the editor:

With a recent increase in non-permitted foodservice establishments in the county, Richmond County Health Department would like to provide information as how to legally operate a foodservice establishment such as a pop-up, catering event, or delivered meals in North Carolina.  

First, contact Richmond County Health Department Environmental Health Section at 910-997-8320 to obtain an application for the type of foodservice establishment desired to operate. Prior to beginning construction, renovation or operation of any facility that sells potentially hazardous foods, you must obtain approval from the Health Department.

To further explain, if a person prepares and sells potentially hazardous foods such as milk and milk products, meat, fish, poultry, cheese, raw seed sprouts, melons and a number of vegetable products, they will need to submit an application to the Health Department for prior approval. The application is a process which includes explaining where the food was purchased, how and where it will be prepared and cooked, and how and where the food will be served.  These questions are important to public health and safety.

Once the applicant meets all of the criteria required for the type of permit they are applying, approval will be granted for a foodservice establishment.


Although a person may have other licenses or certifications, they are not permitted or legally selling food in North Carolina without a valid permit from the Health Department. Therefore, be safe and know what you are eating has been inspected for your health and safety.

For more information, contact Holly Haire, director of environment and general services at 910-997-8320.


Richmond County Health Department


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