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LETTER: NCHSAA had poor planning during state basketball tournament

To the editor:

“What were they thinking?” (or: “were they?”) is the initial question about the continuing fiascos made by the board of the N.C. High School Athletic Association before and during the basketball tournament this year.

More to the point is asking whether the ongoing indecisiveness and poor judgements were caused by incompetence or indifference (or possibly both).

One thing is very clear, no matter the causes, the association needs new, competent and caring board members who will not oversell tickets for three times the seating capacity to a gym with poorly marked exit access, antiquated bleachers with no stair railings and a poor PA system. Venues should be chosen wisely and locations and times set and not changed after they are announced nor after the tournament begins.


These responsibilities are minimal and are the very least that our dedicated players, fellow students, school personnel, families and fans deserve. Apologies and refunds do not suffice. It’s time for a board that will earn its pay and serve the well-being of those it serves.

Sandra Bryant,

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