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My Story, Our Year: 'We made history'

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Senior cheerleader Caroline Freeman drew a collage of some of the gestures the community has done to make seniors feel special. Senior cheerleader Caroline Freeman drew a collage of some of the gestures the community has done to make seniors feel special.

I’m Caroline Freeman, a senior, the youngest of four siblings and the last Freeman to graduate from Richmond. It’s finally my year!

Being the youngest of four, I have had a lot of chances to be a part of and see senior years for my two sisters and brother. I have gone to graduations, seen them dress up for their senior prom and take pictures with all of their friends. 

I have gone to powderpuff games to see them play. Heard them talk about senior skip day. I have been to their baccalaureate. I have seen them come home with awards from the awards ceremony. But I was always the one watching.

Then my senior year finally came and I was going to be the one doing and my siblings would be watching me. And they did. They came to see me cheer and be on homecoming court, and heard my stories about senate.

Then came March 13 and I didn’t realize that was it. My senior year had come to an end. I haven’t had my senior prom, the elementary walk through, senior skip day, and most of all my graduation. 

It was sad knowing what all I have been waiting for 13 years was not going to happen. It felt so unfair. Why me? Why my senior year?

During this tough time for all the seniors, the community, principal, teaching staff and businesses all showed how much they cared. 

In my art piece I decided to create a collage which shows some of the things people did for us seniors. I included a drawing of the street signs, the buses formed into 2020, the luminaries which had each seniors name on them forming a heart and 2020, and the green and gold ribbons. 

These are only a few of the kind things the community and the school has done, as well as senior shirts made and given to us, lighting up the stadium at 8:20 p.m. and playing music, and allowing us to have a virtual graduation. 

I want to thank the community, Mr. Jim Butler and the Richmond Senior High school staff for doing all they can to make us seniors feel special.

I have had some great memories from my senior year like senate meetings with Col. Jon Ring, painting my parking spot and being interviewed by Kyle Pillar. I was not very good at interviews though, and  Kyle helped me practice and prepare for my college interview. 

I really want to thank Mrs. Andrea McIver, who is a wonderful art teacher. She helped guide me with my art and inspired me to do my best. With her guidance I was able to reach one of my goals.

My message to others would be to always make the best of a situation. Find the good, be creative, help and support others and stick together. You can get through anything, even COVID-19.

Thank you to each and everyone who has had a part in making the seniors feel special.

We made history. This is my story, but this is our year.

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