Matt Harrelson

Matt Harrelson

Not since Baker Mayfield planted a Sooner flag in the middle of the Ohio State football field have I been as irritated with the fussy nature of Buckeye fans.

Or, should I say THE Buckeye fans.

ROCKINGHAM — News spread quickly Monday afternoon on social media after a post circulated stating that Wing Queen Cafe was shutting down for good with Friday, Aug. 9 being its last day of service. Although the business has officially shut its doors, a new one has opened in the form of the Wing Queen Rib Shack food truck.

Here was Colin Kaepernick's political statement in the National Football League, at least when he was still in the National Football League: He began to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. He did that and other players did that along with him in solidarity, and eventually the President of the United States called them SOBs because of it. The others didn't lose their jobs, at least not permanently. Kaepernick, who once had a pass in the air to win a Super Bowl for the 49ers, sure did.

The ever-entertaining MLB trade deadline nearly came and went without any blockbuster moves. Leading up to the annual last-dash day for upgrading rosters, there was a widespread belief that this would be one of the better trade deadlines in recent history given how tight most of the playoff races currently sit.

ROCKINGHAM — As Plaza Jam enters its fourth installment of the 2019 season, a new act will take the stage in downtown Rockingham.

With just one week to go until the Major League Baseball trade deadline, there are plenty of teams in both leagues with eyes on a spot in the postseason this October. Executives and coaching staffs will be working together to find the right piece to help their team get over the hump.

Here's an unpopular opinion — the Braves should re-sign Josh Donaldson for 2020 and leave Austin Riley in left field.

Decades from now, you'll be hard-pressed to recall that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was actually not the official winner of the 2019 Home Run Derby.

For eight years, Kemba Walker was Charlotte Hornets basketball.

He loved the city, and the fans loved him back. Despite being able to ask out whenever he wanted, Walker was loyal to the city and the franchise that took a chance on him as an undersized bucket-getter out of UConn.

My topic for this week is actually old news. Matter of fact, the news was announced a month ago, but looking back on my columns, I seemed to have strayed away from my favorite sport as the "Dog days of Summer" approach.

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