Matt Harrelson

Matt Harrelson

Too often we reward children for simply showing up.

Who would have thought that the minute Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and the Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning took the field in Super Bowl 50, they would both be playing in their last meaningful game? 

The Atlanta Braves have one of the best problems a major league ball club can have: having too many quality starters to make an easy decision as to who should be in the playoff rotation. But if I'm manager Brian Snitker, I may not even make this decision by Thursday, when the NLDS kicks off.

The beginning of a new school year marks the end of the 2019 Major League Baseball season. While home run numbers are higher than ever before in baseball, a common theme while putting together a list of predictions was the strength of teams' pitching.

"There is a huge need for caffeine here in Richmond County. I can attest to that."

Professional sports are comparable to any other type of entertainment.

When Antonio Brown mocked Mike Tomlin as the Pittsburgh Steelers coach was addressing the superstar wide receiver going AWOL, it should have been the seminal moment of his NFL career.

ROCKINGHAM — With Hurricane Dorian bearing down on the United States, Events Coordinator Kim Williams made the decision Tuesday to move back the date of The Tams Plaza Jam performance.

The shock surrounding the news Saturday night of Andrew Luck's retirement from football shouldn't have been "Why would he quit?"

The shock should be "Why would anyone play football?"

Not since Baker Mayfield planted a Sooner flag in the middle of the Ohio State football field have I been as irritated with the fussy nature of Buckeye fans.

Or, should I say THE Buckeye fans.

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