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Rockingham Police seek suspected scammers, diamond ring thieves

Investigators with the Rockingham Police Department say these two men pulled a flim-flam scam at Walgreen's.
Courtesy RPD

ROCKINGHAM — Police are asking for help in identifying two sets of suspected criminals in several cases.

The Rockingham Police Department posted photos of both duos on its Facebook page Wednesday.

Detective Clint Neeley said one pair of men are accused of running a flim-flam scam on a cashier at Walgreen’s.

According to Neeley, the men purchased a $2,500 prepaid debit card at the store and gave the clerk cash — but kept recounting it, confusing the clerk, and only paid $1,100, keeping the other $1,400.

The other duo is suspected of stealing jewelry from two local businesses.

Neely said the men went to Ned’s Pawn Shop and while one distracted the clerk, the other stole a $2,500 diamond ring.

Investigators believe they are also responsible for pulling the same ruse at Helm’s Jewelers downtown, again stealing a $2,500 diamond ring.


Anyone who may be able to identify any of the suspects is encouraged to call the Rockingham Police Department at 910-895-2468.

Investigators say these two men are responsible for stealing diamond rings from two stores.