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UNC Pembroke honors retirees

Photo by UNCP

PEMBROKE — The University of North Carolina at Pembroke honored the careers of 29 retirees during a recent dinner at the University Center Annex.

Longtime faculty and staff members were recognized for their service to UNCP and the state of North Carolina. Combined, the university celebrated more than 626 years of service.

“You have earned this day through years of hard work and dedication,” said Dr. Zoe Locklear, who also retired as provost after serving the university for 32 years. “Like me, some of you are retiring from an institution that is very different from the one in which you were first hired.”

The new retirees have experienced student enrollment growth, construction and major renovations. Some have witnessed university name changes, changes in leadership and the expansion of new programs.

“But one thing that has remained constant––and it’s the most important thing––and that is the experience this university provides for our students,” Locklear said.


“UNCP’s goal is to provide an exceptional educational experience. And it’s because of you––whether you served as a faculty member or on the staff,

that we can aspire to that goal.”

Locklear reminded the honorees of their impact on thousands of lives throughout their careers.

“You all have had such rich careers. And you have truly impacted our region, our state and beyond. Everyone in this room has had a hand in making it possible for the thousands of students we graduate year after year,” she added.

The newest retirees who were recognized were:

  • Brenda Bullard, Career Center, 21 years;
  • Dr. Rebecca Bullard-Dillard, Department of Chemistry and Physics, 8 years;
  • Sharon Campbell, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, 25 years;
  • Evelyn Cheek, Counseling and Psychological Services, 23 years;
  • Dr. Thomas Dooling, Department of Chemistry and Physics, 26 years;
  • Flora Freeman, Housing and Residence Life, 22 years;
  • David Fricke, Accounting and Finance, 21 years;
  • Janet Gentes, College of Arts and Sciences, 18 years;
  • Dr. Anita Guynn, English, Theatre and World Languages, 20 years;
  • John Hays, Division of Information Technology, 32 years;
  • Robert Hughes, Division of Information Technology, 25 years;
  • Carol Hunt, Housing and Residence Life, 32 years;
  • Gloria Hunt, Community and Civic Engagement, 17 years;
  • Leah Jacobs-Hammonds, Mary Livermore Library, 24 years;
  • Dr. Leon Jernigan Jr., Department of Biology, 20 years;
  • Carla Jones, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, 16 years;
  • Dr. John Labadie, Department of Art, 27 years;
  • Dr. Joseph Lakatos, Accounting and Finance, 18 years;
  • Ala Locklear, Housing and Residence Life, 16 years;
  • Ethena Locklear, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 30 years;
  • Janice Locklear, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, 23 years;
  • William Locklear, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, 17 years
  • Terry McNish, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, 20 years
  • Dr. Elizabeth Normandy, Academic Affairs, 34 years;
  • Dr. William Puentes, Department of Nursing, 7 years;
  • Dr. Joe Sciulli, Inclusive Education Department, 11 years;
  • Aubrey Swett, University Center, 19 years;
  • Karen Swiney, Auxiliary and Business Services, 26 years; and
  • Mildred Weber, Office of Financial Aid, 28 years