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Current Rural and Agricultural Interests Affecting NC

Burning News of Rural and Agricultural Interest
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ROCKINGHAM – As part of the ongoing mission of the Richmond Observer to provide expansive coverage of current events, we offer the following links to allow ease of access to breaking news and/or items of immediate interest garnering attention across the state and/or nation.  These particular links relate to items of rural and/or agricultural interests.

1- The federal government will buy 11 to 13 million gallons of milk, a value of about $50 million, from dairies and send it to local food banks. The move is intended to help struggling dairies and help the hungry at the same time. ABC News 

2- Farmers across the U.S. are watching North Carolina’s hog farm nuisance lawsuits and worrying. It’s believed that lawyers are testing out a strategy here they intend to use to target farms elsewhere. SFN Today 

            With hogs gone, news is spreading on lawsuit impact SFN Today 

3- USDA is offering federal disaster assistance to farmers in Buncombe, Henderson, Madison and Transylvania counties who suffered losses during Tropical Storm Alberto flooding. Hendersonville Times-News 

4- Danny Vester of Spring Hope has outdone himself! He’s known for growing giant melons, and has set the world record with a cantaloupe weighing in at 65.9 pounds. In the Field 

5- The farm bill, a guest-worker fix and other farm and rural issues are still pending in Congress, and members of Congress are back home in their districts now for the August recess. That makes it a good time to invite them to your farm or county meeting, or attend a constituent event to advocate for farm and rural issues. American Farm Bureau 


6- It’s just about back-to-school time for many families, and this article offers a few reminders about how to keep lunches sent from home safe. Morning Ag Clips 

            Care, not material, most important to prevent cutting board contamination WRAL 

7- Farmers.gov now offers new resources to help farmers identify the right programs and make decisions for their farms following natural disasters. Morning Ag Clips 

8- Agriculture is increasingly going high-tech at the same time the labor force has a need for more students to study for agriculture careers. There’s a particular need for more young people to pursue agricultural engineering. Southeast Farm Press 

9- The public’s input is requested as the North Carolina State Ports Authority considers proposed enhancements to the Wilmington harbor with a goal of attracting more import and export business there. NCDA & CS Coastal Review Online

10- Just after the On-Farm Readiness Review exercise taking place today (follow along on NCFB’s social media), the annual Food Safety Forum takes place tomorrow, Aug. 16 at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.  NCDA & CS

Editor’s note:  It is the policy of the Richmond Observer to print news release material in its original format, as it was received, with minimal, if any, editorial adjustments. 

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