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Republican Candidate for NC House Decries Damage to UNC’s “Silent Sam” Statue

Silent Sam Statue on UNC Campus
Photo from UNC Website

CHAPEL HILL – This missive was received from Joey Davis, Republican candidate for the NC House of Representatives (District 66):

I am deeply saddened by last night’s events in Chapel Hill.

The Silent Sam statue had stood on the university quad for 100 years. The statue did not honor “white supremacy,” “the Confederate cause,” “slavery,” or anything else meant to denigrate anyone. Instead, it was erected to honor the more than 1,000 university students who fought on both sides, but mostly on the southern side, during the war between brothers that divided our nation.

150 years removed from the conflict it’s easy for us to pass judgment and prescribe motive to those young men. But it’s not fair to do so. Those young men did what so many before and after have done, they fought bravely for their homeland. They should not be reviled for doing so.

Last night’s actions were a disgrace to our state and our nation. We are a nation of laws and we do not stand for mob violence or vigilante justice.

In America, we are free to debate every issue under the sun and have our voices. But we are not free to destroy that which is not ours because it does not fit with our chosen narrative.


The city of Chapel Hill and the UNC system should take swift legal action against all those involved. We need to make very clear that attacks like these are attacks on Americans of all races, religions and ideas and they will not be tolerated.

Joey Davis
Republican candidate NC House 66

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