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EducationNC awarded $40,000 SECU Foundation grant for statewide communications initiative

From left: Mebane Rash-EdNC CEO, Jama Campbell-SECU Foundation executive director, Derrick Douglas-SECU vice president, and Amy Dills-SECU district senior vice president.
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RALEIGH — SECU Foundation is once again working with EducationNC, this time awarding a $40,000 grant to assist the nonprofit with a project designed to promote dialogue and encourage the sharing of ideas and best practices across the state.

Through the year-long initiative, EdNC plans to gather information from schools and other anchor institutions in each county to better understand how information is shared and disseminated. The goal is to develop a template to be circulated to statewide organizations to ultimately improve the lines of communication and strengthen communities.

“EdNC is a strong advocate of education and we are proud to support their efforts. The work they undertake to increase opportunities for students and provide North Carolinians with news and perspectives about issues affecting education are important,” remarked Jama Campbell, SECU Foundation executive director. “The funding from SECU Foundation will help EdNC strengthen community ties and bring greater awareness to their mission and work through this project.”


“From the beginning of EdNC, we have said that our offices are our schools and community colleges, our communities and the lives of those we serve. We need to build our capacity to cover local education news and distribute stories county by county,” stated EdNC CEO Mebane Rash. “As we travel to all 100 counties again, we are reminded of the importance of SECU. With branches in all 100 counties and serving our state employees and their families, SECU is an important anchor institution all across North Carolina. We want to thank SECU Foundation for supporting this project, which will inform not just our work, but the work of our partners and philanthropists statewide.”

SECU Foundation previously assisted EdNC with the expansion of their high school civics program, FirstVote NC.

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