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L.J. Bell announces honor roll for 4th 9 weeks, year

Richmond County Schools

ROCKINGHAM — L.J. Bell Elementary School has released its list of students who made honor roll for the fourth nine weeks, as well as those who made it for the entire year.

Those making it for the grading period, pictured above, are:

Row 1 – Amelia Hathaway, Lizzie Perry, Annalisa Ford, Ava Cipriani, Kayleigh Thrower, Emma Wilson, Ava Bailey, Patrick Smith, Adan King, Mayson McDonald, Kennidy Taylor, Makensy Puckett, Sawyer Taylor, Ben Lutz, Jakob Trexler, Macy Frye, Taylor Crouch, Bri Bouldin, Taylor Steele, Diya Chaudhari, and Grayson Wrenn.

Row 2 – Jordyn Chappell, Annabelle Millen, Sherylyn Ramirez Lemus, Jaron Gainey, Caleb Heaton, Bryan Hinson, Joseph Odom, Aubri Gibson, Olivia Ford, Madelyn Barber, Aaden Gardner, Ethan Nguyen, Nicholas Powell, Laney Dawkins, Jahkese Ellerbe, Emma Humann, Cole Thrower, and Connor Thrower.

Row 3 – Michael Hogan, Ryan Kinsey, Benjamin Monroe, Lianna Carr, Natalie Richardson, Emma Rusich, Haley Singleton, Kaylan Parsons, Elijah Broady, Braden Baucom, Deven Patel, Markie Wyand, Karla Zamora, Paige Branch, Skyler Collins, Carter Shepherd, Kellie English, Chloe Williams, Travis Hotter, and Jason Gainey.


Students making honor roll for the entire year, pictured below, are:

Row 1 – Ava Bailey, Kayleigh Thrower, Ava Cipriani, Annalisa Ford, Adan King, Patrick Smith, Joseph Odom, Mayson McDonald, Taylor Crouch, Bri Bouldin, Macy Frye, Diya Chaudhari, and Grayson Wrenn.


Row 2 – Benjamin Monroe, Emma Wilson, Jordyn Chappell, Amelia Hathaway, Ben Lutz, Madelyn Barber, Elijah Broady, Emma Humann, Laney Dawkins, Ethan Nguyen, Skyler Collins, and Carter Shepherd.

Row 3 – Kaylan Parsons, Natalie Richardson, Emma Rusich, Haley Singleton, Aubri Gibson, Olivia Ford, Caleb Heaton, Lianna Carr, Kellie English, Markie Wyand, Cole Thrower, Connor Thrower, and Paige Branch.


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